No matter how good your Japanese is, trying to navigate important things like, healthcare, banking, working and travel can feel that much harder in your second language. 

To help you with your new life in Japan, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite resources. Even if you’re a seasoned expat, there’s sure to be something useful for you too!

We will update this list regularly whenever we find new information, so be sure to bookmark this page.

Table of Contents

Healthcare & Emergencies


・ Multilingual Emergency Updates (NHK)

Topics: Coronavirus, news, disasters

Heatstroke Information (NHK)

Topics: Information about heatstroke risk in your area

Mental Health Support (TELL)

Free confidential mental health line for Japan expats

Guidance for When Feeling Unwell (Japan National Tourism Organization)

For tourists, but has a useful English speaking clinic search function


Over-the-counter Medicine Finder (ROHTO Pharmaceuticals)

Helpful for identifying packaging of OTC drugs

Air Quality Information (The World Air Quality Project)

Find out about the air quality in your region


Adverse Weather Information (Japan Meteorological Agency)

Official data on earthquakes and typhoons etc.




Coronavirus Information (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

Official pandemic advice from MOFA, and information on State of Emergency affected regions

Covid-19 Vaccine Navi (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

The official portal for booking coronavirus vaccines in Japan

Covid-19 Trends Visualizer (Ministry of Health Labor & Welfare)

Official graphs visualizing the current number of infections in Japan


Border Enforcement Measures (Japan Immigration)

For the latest official information on border restrictions related to the coronavirus




Fukuoka Vaccination Program (Fukuoka City)

How to complete the procedures necessary for vaccination, and information on applying for vaccine certificates 


Fukuoka Prefecture Coronavirus Information (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Updates on measures in place in the prefecture


Fukuoka City Coronavirus Information (Fukuoka City)

Updates on measures in place in the city


Getting things done


Living and Work Guidebook for Foreigners (Immigration Services Agency)

A comprehensive guidebook prepared by the Japanese government for foreigners

Labor Counseling and Support for Foreigners (Ministry of Health Labor & Welfare)

Links and numbers to call in your language for advice on working conditions


Japan Legal Support Center (Houterasu)

Houterasu provide legal advice for foreigners and loans for legal costs




Fukuoka City International Foundation Homepage (Fukuoka City IF)

A wide assortment of information on living in Fukuoka covering topics such as procedures, health, work, taxes parenting and Japanese classes


・Free Legal Advice for Foreigners (Fukuoka Bar Association)

Book free legal counseling in Fukuoka


Garbage Separation and Recycling (Fukuoka City)

Information on trash separation rules, collection dates and recycling in Fukuoka city


How to Start and Stop Electricity (Kyushu Electric)

Details on how to start and stop electric service with Kyushu Electric


YES! Fudosan: English Speaking Real Estate Agency

English speaking realtors based in Minami-ku, Fukuoka city


・ Fukuoka Apartments: English Speaking Real Estate Agency

English speaking realtors based  in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city




The Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET)

A place for ALTs, CIRs and SEAs working on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program to connect. Find your block and their websites and social media


JET Alumni Association (JETAA)

A place for former Japan Exchange and Teaching Program participants to connect. Find your chapter here


Japan Association of Language Teachers 

A membership fee-based language association that gives members access to teaching events, seminars and networking opportunities

Japan Association of Translators

A forum for translators and interpreters of the Japanese language to share information


Islamic Center Japan

Connecting the Islamic Community in Japan




Fukuoka International Student Support Center

A place for international students to get support with daily life and connect

Fukuoka Islamic Center

Islamic community information including the mosque prayer timetable (Hakozaki) and Halal food suppliers


Japanese study


NHK Easy Japanese Conversation Lessons

Cute interactive lessons covering daily conversation with a section dedicated to the Japanese writing system


The Japanese Language Proficiency Test Sample Questions

The official website of the JLPT. This link takes you to the sample tests page where you can determine your level before applying for the test. (The JLPT is considered the benchmark test in measuring Japanese proficiency)


NHK Easy Japanese News

Japanese news written in simple Japanese with a built in meaning search function to help you learn new words, and furigana option




Volunteer Japanese Language Classes

Information on Japanese language classes run by volunteers at Fukuoka International Center (small charge applies for materials)

Food and cooking


Gyomu Supermarket

An inexpensive supermarket chain that carries a wide range of import goods. Find things like hummus, muesli and halal meat (Store search function is in Japanese only, but a quick google map search should also help you to find your nearest branch) 


KHALDI Coffee Farm

KHALDI is a popular chain store in Japan that crams coffee and foods from all over the world in to tiny spaces. Find your nearest KHALDI here (Japanese only, but a quick google map search should also help you to find your nearest branch) 

Uber Eats / Food Panda

Platforms that connects local restaurants with delivery drivers, so you can order takeout from more places than ever

The Flying Pig Online Store

The Flying Pig delivers Costco goods straight to your door, convenient if you live far away from a Costco Japan. (Costco Japan has many foreign products which are hard to find in Japanese supermarkets, making the chain popular with the foreign community)



The popular California-based retailer, known for selling herbal supplements and health foods also delivers in Japan

Japanese Recipes by NHK

A ton of Japanese recipes in English so you can enjoy Japanese food culture and learn how to use what’s what’s readily available at Japanese supermarkets




Fukuoka City Muslim Friendly Restaurant Guide (by YOKANAVI)

YOKANAVI Fukuoka City Guide introduces Muslim Friendly stores around the city



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